Welcome and thanks for stopping by. This is an endeavor 11 years in the making. From my earliest days on the internet, I marveled at websites made by very creative minds. I have tried my keyboard a time or two but always found myself frustrated trying to grasp html. Needless to say my attempts were miserable failures, nothing more then photo servers so I could post pictures to various aquarium discussion forums.

About two years ago, visions of becoming instantly cool, dancing against a black background with a fluorescent silhouette firmly implanted in my mind, I finally broke down and bought an iPod.

Alas, I didn’t have a fluorescent aura, I still couldn’t dance and who was I kidding I have never nor will I ever be cool but the iPod was. I was so impressed with the device that when it came to buy a new laptop I got a MacBook Pro. While the initial learning curve has been steep, reprograming my MS brainwashed mind, I am making the leap. With my Mac understanding growing daily I am venturing down the road, anxiously waiting to see what lies around the next bend.